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Creative agency in graphic design, photography and illustration and offering all the services of a communication department to SMEs and self-employed workers in the Gatineau and Ottawa area.

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Welcome to GOCREA

Founded in 2011 by Nichola Potvin, graphic designer and photographer, Gocrea has evolved over the years along with the trends and technologies of the field. He has managed to create a network of loyal customers thanks to his ability to translate their ideas into images.


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Graphic design is a key element in order to have the best possible visibility to your business. From your branding, to business cards and through your website, a good visual identity will allow you to better communicate your ideas and the values of your company. A well thought and constant design will give a professional and solid image that stands the test of time.

Life goes a hundred mile an hour, it’s easy to forget to live the moment. That’s why Gocrea offers you the opportunity to immortalize the most precious moments in your eyes. Two styles of photography are offered: lifestyle photography and studio photography.

Gocrea adapts to your needs. Are you interested in outdoors photography? You need a new corporate photo? You have an important event and you do not want to miss anything? We are here to help you!

Come see us for all your illustration needs! Whether it is for a book, a website or any other project, our creative team will offer you professional and unique illustrations. From minimalist flat design to hyperrealism, anything is possible. Explore the possibilities! unique. From minimalist flat design to hyperrealism, everything is possible. Explore the possibilities!

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“J’ai eu un service vraiment personnalisé. Nichola a travaillé avec mon époux et moi pour faire mon branding. Son service, son attention, sa belle personnalité, sa disponibilité ainsi que son talent font de lui un leader dans le domaine. Je vous le recommande à tous prix!”

– Jenna Rees

“Super service! Ultra rapide et disponible. Je recommende”

– Simon-Pierre Théorêt

Working with GoCrea was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Nichola made the whole process simple and easy. I had the feeling that he had my best interests at heart and truly cared, not only about creating a great product but about the person and brand behind it. I never had the feeling of being provided a service by a business. I was given an experience from a like minded individual who’s level of service, professionalism, artistic thought and creativity are second to none. THANK YOU!

– Benjamin Dionne

“Par rapport à la formation, elle se très bien déroulé. Je suis assez contente avec la session, Nichola est un très bon enseignant, patient et précis dans les explications. J’espère revenir vers vous pour une nouvelle session.”

– Estelle Marin

Un gros merci à Nichola pour l'excellent travail accompli dans le cadre de la Journée internationale des femmes à Ottawa. Les photos sont tout simplement magnifiques. Et merci également pour les cours de photos qui ont suivi. Nichola a su nous transmettre sa passion pour la photographie avec brio.

– Sandra Gee

Welcome to  GOCREA


The world of graphic design is constantly evolving, and it is important for us to stay ahead of trends and technological innovations.

It is with our attentive listening, our bold concepts and a touch of creativity that we will realize your vision. A one-stop service that will satisfy all your needs in graphic design, photography, illustration and more.

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It is important for us to meet you in order to fully understand the essence of your product/service and to be able to convey it in image.



This process depends on your expectations, your needs and what you are looking for in terms of results.


The Presentation

It is important for us to present each element to you in person in order to properly explain the visuals.

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